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Medical adhesive tape : ADHECARE

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GERGONNE INDUSTRIE is a medical adhesive tape manufacturer (medical single-sided adhesive tape, medical double-sided adhesive tape) and medical polyurethane film manufacturer (medical PU film manufacturer).


The ADHECARE range regroups all standard references developped and manufactured by GERGONNE INDUSTRIE for the healthcare and medical sector.

The products in the ADHECARE range  are used alone or in combination with other products, and they are used in the production of medical devices.


Some examples of our medical adhesive tapes  :

 medical single-sided white non-woven tape

 single-sided PU film tape

 medical double-sided (one side for skin and one for plastics surfaces)


Regarding polyurethane films, GERGONNE INDUSTRIE proposes high quality films, with the following caracteristics :

 very breathable : very high permeability to water vapour (MVTR)

 barrier and watertight to shield wounds from the external environment

 mat appearance and mechanical performance within market expectations


Thanks to  our steady investment policy, our machines and our production conditions are perfectly adpated to medical sector constraints.


If your needs can't be met by one of our standard products, our R&D team is at your disposal to study the creation of a specific product.




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